Fort Worth was the last stopping place for the cowboys to "hoop-and-holler" and have a good time before they drove the cattle up the Chisholm Trail.

Monument Depicting The Beginning Of The "Chisholm Trail"

Miss Molly's is much more than a business. It is much more than just a place you can rent a room.

It's a Total Experience of the "Old West" Lifestyle.


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Outside our door you'll discover the colorful history of the stockyards, "Where a man was judged by his word and the speed of his gun."

Museums, shopping, dining or boot-scooting country saloons are just part of our charm along with the nation's only daily cattle drive along our brick streets (right through the middle of town).

Come let us make "The Wild West" come alive for you, because here in the stockyards there is a fine line between then and now, A Very Fine Line indeed!

"Kick The Dust Off Your Boots" and Enjoy A Stay At
Miss Molly's Hotel

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